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Factors to Consider When Choosing Cat Attract Litter for Normal Litter Containers

So, do you know which is the best cat attract litter available in the market at present? You must always keep this in mind that making the choice of a good quality cat litter is very important for litter training a cat successfully. There are different varieties of cat litters available for the automatic litter containers, but here we will have a look at the ones best suited for normal litter containers. The best cat litters for normal litter containers are as follows:

•    Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

•    World’s Best Cat Litter

•    Odor Lockers- Fresh Scent Clumping Cat Litter

•    Fresh Step Premium Scoopable Clumping Cat Litter

•    Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat “Cat Attract” Cat Litter

Cat Attract Litter

Factors Influencing the Choice of Cat Litter for Normal Litter Boxes

Some factors that influence the choice of cat litter are as follows:

Is it Clumping Litter?

All the five brands that have been mentioned above are clumping litter. Nevertheless, the clumps which are formed by Dr. Elsey’s are a bit sticky and they are also a bit problematic to scoop. World’s Best forms clumps which are fragile and can easily break apart. It is necessary for you to keep in mind not to go for clumping litter for the kittens. This is because kittens are very similar to children and they are fond of putting things in mouth. In case they put the litter into their mouth, they might get sick with the litter clumping within the stomach.

Is it Flushable?

Among the five brands of cat litter mentioned above, World’s Best has come forward with the claims of being flushable. Nevertheless, unless you have got a budget set aside for the plumber, do not try testing this claim yourself.

Does it Get Rid of the Smell of Cat Urine Perfectly?

The two best cat-attract litters for removing the smell of cat urine are Fresh Steps Premium Scoopable Clumping Cat Litter and Odor Lockers-Fresh Scent Clumping Cat Litter. World’s Best has also come up with claims of being effective in removing the smell of cat urine, but it has not been successful in matching its claims.

Is the Litter Expensive?

Among the five brands of Cat Attract Litter mentioned above; World’s Best tends to be the most expensive. You get this litter at $38. It is expensive due to the fact that this litter is flushable and biodegradable as well. The other four brands range between $0.45 and $0.70 per pound. In this group of cat attract litters, Odor Lockers and Precious Cat Litter are the cheapest.

Is the Litter Dusty?

Fresh Step and Odor Lockers are dusty. Apart from this, Dr. Elsey’s also tends to be a little dusty.

Does the Litter Track throughout the House?

Cats generally track Dr, Elsey’s, World’s Best and Odor Lockers throughout the house. The most effective method of dealing with this problem is placing a mat in the cat’s path.

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